At only 10 years of age, Lachlan is a talented young musician who has spent countless hours with Kevin…her ukulele.   Inspired by Grace Vanderwaal from America’s Got Talent, she quickly learned how to chord and transpose songs to fit her own voice.  With very little formal training from her father(music teacher), her knowledge of chord progressions and music theory is simply beyond her years.

Some of Lachlan’s muses are……Grace Vanderwaal, Ed Sheeran, Aviva, Sabrina Carpenter and Scott Chow.  Starting this summer, Lachlan hopes to be playing along side her father at various gigs and functions.  She aspires to one day play at Massey Hall and other iconic Toronto venues.

Following in her parents entrepreneaurial spirit, Lachlan has recently launched her company “Da BOMB Bath & Beauty”.   At this very moment, she is probably working like a mad scientist, testing her recipes and formulas.  Look for her products at Studio C, I Want That Bag Consignment Boutique and Vanity Boutique & Spa Bar.