“Art is not what you see but what you make others see” … Degas

Ever spends most of her days simply creating.  Anything from cardboard furniture and doll houses for her Shopkins & Barbies to amazing works of art with her bird drawings. At the tender age of 8, she displays incredible dexterity with her hands and an extraordinary eye for detail.  She spends countless hours studying how-to videos on YouTube, learning and honing the skills needed for her projects.

#Eversbirds has had great success this past year.  She continues to work away at her commissioned orders whenever she feels inspired.  Like all great artists, she suffers from creative block from time to time.  Many of her drawings are inspired by an artist by the name of Kerby Rosanes, who she discovered on Instagram.  You can follow #Eversbirds and her other creations on her Facebook page Ever’s Art.

Ever aspires to be an actor when she grows up…if she ever does.