creativity is the foundation of every area of study. mathematics requires a student to be creative when applying formulas & theories to problems. science is built upon the concepts of experimentation and imagination. to study physics one must be creative with laws and assumptions. the place from which this creativity stems and is fed is the arts. art teaches children to experiment and investigate all possibilities, to be creative with colors and paints, lines and shapes. creativity is needed everywhere, in every subject.  but an arts education is the only subject that teaches a student not only that it’s ok to be creative but also instructs how to be creative.


Music Theatre Camp

Monday July 10th to Friday July 14th 2016

description: the tv show GLEE inspired a new generation of young performers to use the power of music to expand social boundaries and embrace the differences that makes us unique.  inspired by this concept, our MUSICAL THEATRE CAMP provides a place for children and teens to push their limitations in a safe and encouraging environment.  making connections with others that share the same interests, each camp focuses on putting together a performance in the style of the television show.   the emphasis is on the popular songs, group vocal harmonies, dancing and movement, staging and fun, fun, fun!

the final performance for family and friends will be on the Friday at 3:45 sharp


date:  july 10th – 14th

times:  mon-fri 9:00am – 3:30pm

ages:  6-13

class size:  10

instructors:  mackenzie carruthers & scott chow

cost:  $310